Phantom Wallet for $BDE

  • Big Defi 

This is the official Phantom Wallet Tutorial for the Big Defi Energy Community, It will go over the basics of adding BDE to both the Mobile and Desktop Wallet Apps. Already Have a Wallet? – Lets Just Add $BDE

Mobile Tutorial (iPhone)

  • 1. Download the App from the App Store by Following
Hit <Download>
  • 2. Select Phantom for Mobile
  • 3. Download from the Official App Store Page
  • 4. Open App from Page
  • 5. Create New Wallet Or ‘I already have a wallet’ – For the Sake of This Tutorial I will be creating a new one

  • Optional Security Layer
    • A. Optional Step to Add Face ID, for extra security
    • B. You can always add it in settings later
  • 6. Copy Recovery Key and Save It

Now to Add BDE to Phantom

  • 7. Click Manage Token List
  • 8. Search Big Defi Energy
  • 9. Toggle Button to ADD
  • 10. DONE

Desktop Tutorial

Hit <Download>
  • 2. Choose your Browser
  • 3. Add to Chrome
  • 4. Create a New Wallet
<Create New Wallet>
  • 5. Copy and Save Recovery Phrase
  • 6. Create a password
Match Passwords
  • 7. Click Finish
<Manage token list>

10. Search Big Defi Energy

11. Toggle the Button

12. ADDED!!!