How to Pool BDE

  • Big Defi 

NEWS, Phantom isn’t working with The BIG DEX for right now, Updates will be going in for that here in the next few days, but for now, BDE is currently provided through the Automated Market on Raydium. Its been a better place to grab liquidity and people trying to sell or buy may be provided with a better experience for the moment. Sollet (the Solana Wallet) has been giving most of its users a hard time lately, Many have heard of Phantom and trying to buy BDE with phantom will be important moving forward.

Here’s how to buy BDE with the, using Raydium.

  1. Navigate to – Click Launch App.
(Click Launch App)

2. Click on Connect Wallet in the Top Right Hand Corner of the Screen

(Connect Wallet)

3. Click on the Phantom Wallet in the Pop Up

(Works with all wallets on the list, Sollet will still work here as well!)

4. Unlock Your Wallet with Your Saved Password

(Click Unlock)

5. Click Connect

(I dont recommend using auto approve)

6. Click on {Pools} Along the Top once the wallet is connected

7. Click on (Permissionless Pools)

8. Search “BDE”

(Click on BDE-USDC)

9. “This is a Permissionless Pool” Pop up will be a warning

10. Check Both “I understand” and “Do Not Warn Again for this Pool”

Confirm Dialogue.

11. Navigate back to the {Swap} Tab

12. BDE will default to the top of the list, you can switch buying and selling with the Middle (swap arrow) Button.

13. Place Buys or Sells Accordingly. Swap Anyway for selling may allow you get rid your BDE really cheap, For those waiting on the 0.01 Sell Wall, I recommend you sell now and stop complaining about the project. For those waiting for $3.22, go to the gym and be patient, THIS PROJECT IS JUST GETTING STARTED.