How to Mint SoLambos

SoLambos joining the Digital Gym is the Greatest Asset in History to be doing so, In the future You will be able to Park Your SoLambo in the Parking Lot, While Your Gym Rats Get SWOL and GAIN $BDE on Both. In the Meantime, the dealership will be open until sold out.

This is HOW TO Mint From Our Luxury Dealership. WITH PICTURES.

1. Click “Mint Now” on The SoLambos Homepage

<Mint Now>

2. Click “Connect” – Phantom Wallet

3. Trust the Connection

<Note, Domain may change as this was taken on Dev Net Testing.>

4. Notice the New Details

<Must have atleast 1 SOL in order to Mint>

5. Click Mint, Approve Pop Up in Phantom.

-1.01 SOL is Normal, Always check to see if the amount is around that number.

6. Successful Mint will Show Confetti!

7. View On Solana Explorer, 3d Models May take longer to appear in the Wallet than the PNG Image to Show

Click Preview to Interact with The Model.