Lambo Rarities


With ONLY 2021 Total SOLambo Typhoons, Its very well known as to why these are just so rare in the metaverse.

Capitalize on the rarity with each unique model made and customized to fit the NFT World with great certainty. Here at The Shop, We took the time and focus to clean out the unwanted generated models and put together the greatest 2021 Models out of the countless of trillions created after the coding program was ran. We Examined and Designed 22 Unique traits all out of a percentage of rarities. Including Paint Type, Headlight Color, Back Bar Light Luminance, Plates, and Much Much More.

Our Team – Working on the Westerly Spin of the Typhoon.

Matte, Gloss, Metal, and Mythic Type Paints were used in the main body materials. Creating an Outcome We Determined for Rarity.

Thanks to the workings of Blender, These can be viewed in Game Engines with full detail.

Many Months in the Making, Our Team Worked on Bringing a 3d Asset ON CHAIN, through the power of Solana + Arweave.

Bringing out the Best from the Team at The Digital Gym, We were able to bring the Product to The Shop.

Body Paints