Season 2

List Price :

Now On Magic Eden

0.03 Solana

Buy Direct at Floor Price :

Send Exactly 0.30 SOL to :


What’re Gym Rats?

A Randomly Generated Non Fungible Token Project with Pixelated Athletes, Super Heroes, Aliens, and Gym Enjoyers. There will be 1000 Total Gym Rats released under 2 different Seasons in Sets of #500 unique ID Numbers.

How do I buy a Gym Rat?

Buy Directly by Connecting Your Wallet to the Digital Eyes Marketplace.

What Solana Wallet Is the Best?

I recommend using, Phantom allows its users to see NFTs directly in the wallet. However you can use as well and view Gym Rats through Connecting the Wallet at

Future Floors (Minting Price)

Season 1 – 0.30 SOL

Season 2 – 0.50 SOL

How do I buy Already Minted Gym Rats?

LIVE Auctions are Available on

Available on Digital Eyes, Magic Eden, and Exchange Art

How do I sell My Gym Rat for More Solana?
The Official Gym Rats Mint Wallet :

To Verify Mints in the NFT Space it is important to know if you are buying a legit or a FAKE. Be on the look out for Fake NFTs from different wallet addresses.. The official Gym Rat Mint Wallet is :

Contact :

@BigDefi on Twitter, DMs are Open

Discord :