SOLFlare for Android and iOS

  • Big Defi 
Download for Android Here.

Download for iOS Here.

  • 1. Open the App
  • 2. Click Create New Wallet
  • 3. Click Through all the Prompts, Read Carefully, Understand that you are taking responsibility.
Most important Step.
  • 4. Scroll Through and Write Down ALL 12 Recovery Words. (In Order)
(Take Finger and Swipe Through all Words while writing them on a separate paper.)
  • 5. Click Continue and You will be brought into the Main Wallet Page.

Now to Add $BDE

  • 6. Click “+ Add New Asset”
  • 7. Search for “Big Defi” and Press the (+)
  • 8. Click on Add Account
  • 9. Sign Transaction
  • NOTICE, The Network Fee. Solana Wallets Need SOL to process and Confirm all Transactions.
  • If you dont have ANY, Please Purchase a Small Amount from any of these Retailers (Coinbase, Binance,, or another place that supports SOL.) and Withdraw to YOUR Wallet for Safe Keeping.